godawfuls asked:
whatre your preferred pronouns?


as in ‘it is what it is’.

Anonymous asked:
How do you have the confidence to wear a skirt like that? (If you don't mind me asking). Whenever I try to rock one all I can think is "everyone is staring at my fat thighs/I look like an eggplant probably". But you rock it so goooooddddd teach MEH

i tell myself no matter what i go through, the ancestors have been through worse.

then i po me a drank.

then i storm out like the baddest bitch my god has sent me here to be.

Anonymous asked:
I am not a huge fan of your theme, but you look fantastic and you should keep doing that. (it took me like 15 minutes to get to the ask and that is a problem)

believe it or not, i don’t get heavy traffic through these parts, so user accessibility wasn’t at the top of my list of priorities when selecting themes.

thank you though.
…i think.

I just wanted to say that you are absolutely gorgeous!

thank yooou! 🙈

Anonymous asked:
yo!! what are your preferred pronouns??


Anonymous asked:
oh my god i love your hair it's so nice

i wish it was about 22 inches longer, but thank you!

Anonymous asked:
are you a girl?

i’m every woman.

it’s all in me.

Anonymous asked:
you are really fab

thank you!

Anonymous asked:
woah are you from rhode island?? i couldn't help but notice the Del's cup in your picture and i really fucking miss del's after moving away from rhode island so yeah


born in st. louis, mo.raised in kansas city, mo.
living in brooklyn, ny.

antigerone asked:
Hello you are cute

thank you.




Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis (Ebony 8/77)

I adore everything about Ruby in this picture.
09.23.14 /11:18/ 118

i’ve never uploaded a picture of myself before #onhere and the moment i do, it goes viral.


Moms Mabley and Pearl Bailey performing on The Pearl Bailey Show in 1971.
09.21.14 /18:18/ 51

An unknown model in a Madrid photography studio c.1925
09.20.14 /20:18/ 76

Hours before da plane crash..
There’s somethin about this picture dat gets me teary eyed just cause it was not her time to go & her smile in this picture proves how happy she was honestly. It’s just not fair
09.20.14 /17:51/ 12613
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